Christ among the Doctors of the Law



Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cdl. Pompedda, Requiescat in pace.

Mario Francesco Cdl. Pompedda, one the world's most famous canon lawyers, died October 18 after a long illness. Pope Benedict XVI immediately wrote that Cdl. Pompedda "was an outstanding jurist and for many years a diligent collaborator of the Holy See, particularly on the Tribunal of the Roman Rota and of the Apostolic Signatura, providing a valuable testimony of priestly zeal and faithfulness to the Gospel." It would be difficult to single out Cdl. Pompedda's most important canonical service, but surely his deanship of the Roman Rota (1993-1999) would figure prominently. I can only imagine that someone somewhere has prepared a bibliography of his extensive judicial sentences and scholarly writings. If I track one down, I'll post information on it here. Update October 20: Catholic World News notice.