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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Repairing Fr. Bozek's sacramental blunders

Abp. Burke, once again, is showing us all how it's supposed to be done.

In a remarkable gesture of pastoral concern for his people, St. Louis Abp. Raymond Burke, who
for some three years has been trying to effect the reconciliation of a renegade Polish priest named Fr. Marek Bozek, has alerted the faithful who might be approaching Fr. Bozek for sacramental services, that any attempts by Fr. Bozek to celebrate the sacraments of Confession (1983 CIC 966) or Confirmation (1983 CIC 882-883), or to witness the weddings of Catholics bound by form (1983 CIC 1108), are invalid, and that such Catholics may contact his office directly for assistance in securing these sacraments validly and licitly.

I'll be discussing Fr. Bozek's situation, who as of today is officially careening toward dismissal from the clerical state, with Al Kresta today, starting about 4:20 pm Eastern, on WDEO AM 990 in Detroit / Ann Arbor, or listen live here. Related posts: 20 December 2005; Blog Archives 2006, scroll to December 26; Te Deum Laudamus, 19 March 2008.