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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rep. Patrick Kennedy should thank God he has such a bishop

Patrick Kennedy (D) of Rhode Island has been for some time now a typical platitude-pandering, pro-abortion Catholic representative in the US House of Representatives.

Well, I have just read Bp. Thomas Tobin's (Providence RI) open letter to Rep. Kennedy and all I can say is, Kennedy should thank the Good God that He sent him a bishop who cares enough about him to challenge him the way Tobin did. And if Kennedy (who must be stunned to have gotten such a serious reply to his shallow political cant) is not able to bring himself to thank God for Bp. Tobin quite yet, the rest of us certainly should.

Bp. Tobin's letter is clear, compassionate, and compelling. It well rewards the few minutes it takes to read it.

Thank the bishop through his communications webpage here.