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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pelosi, Canon 915, and excommunication

A couple of important figures in the Catholic blogosphere (Brad Miner and my son Thomas) have called for the excommunication of Nancy Pelosi, a position they are certainly allowed to adopt and discuss per Canon 212. Their case for excommunication stands or falls on the arguments they adduce for it. Both have apparently invoked me, however, as a supporter of Pelosi’s excommunication, citing my blog post of March 25th.

Actually, I have not called for Pelosi to be excommunicated (c. 1331) but rather, for
her to be denied holy Communion (c. 915). It’s a significantly different option, notwithstanding some overlap in externals. Personally, I think the case for invoking Canon 915 against Pelosi is airtight, while an excommunication case against her is, well, not airtight. Not yet, anyway. Bottom line, my position is: one step at a time.

Normally, I let misunderstandings of my positions go uncorrected (for lack of time, if nothing else), but both of these men are clearly striving ad bonum Ecclesiae, and both would, I think, rather see things done right than simply done their way.