Christ among the Doctors of the Law



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Taking Microsoft to canon law school

This has never happened to me.

I’m typing away on a canon law paper, just as I’ve done scads of times before, when up pops a message from Microsoft Spell Checker. The message said something like “Microsoft has noticed an unusual number of words in your writing that are not part of the Speller Checker Program. Please review the list of unusual words that Microsoft has noticed and, if you want, click here to send these words anonymously to Microsoft for consideration for inclusion in future editions of Microsoft Speller Checker.”

Some of my unusual words were: cathedraticum, dicastery, juridic, quinquennial, Referendary, Signatura, and vindicative. Anyway, the message looked legit, so I figured, what the heck, and sent them in.

Here’s hoping that by doing so I’ll eventually save some poor blokes out there needless worry over spelling these terms correctly and maybe, along the way, broaden the horizons of some software programmer!

Update, 26 Aug: It happened again, this time for words like delictual, dimissorial, and sanated.