Christ among the Doctors of the Law



Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Abp. Sheehan, cohabitation, and ecclesiastical participation

Abp. Michael Sheehan (Santa Fe NM) has written a clear and concise letter on the ‘Pastoral Care of Couples Who Are Cohabiting’. I understand that he had it read from the pulpits of his churches last weekend. I think it a solid summation of the Church’s teaching on Catholic marriage, Christian witness, and ecclesiastical participation.

Some have expressed surprise that the statement comes from a prelate whose opinions regarding Eucharistic discipline elicited opposition from, among others, me in 2009. Okay, well, isn't life full of pleasant surprises? All I know is, Abp. Sheehan’s 2011 statement is excellent. God bless him for writing it, and God bless those who read it.